school support
We work with a school or Academy’s Senior Leadership Team in defining their approach to meeting the needs of Autistic Young people, and those with social communication difficulties. Working directly with Headteachers and SENCos, we provide guidance and support that enables meaningful change for students and staff.
Interventions & strategies
Preparing evidence
Senior Leadership Team


Supporting individuals and cohorts of students


No matter how hard we try, there are always occasions where a student or group of students are proving difficult to engage with successfully. Approaches and strategies being used do not seem to be effective, with the result being disruption in learning and an impact on the well-being of all involved.


Through observation and staff support, we provide strategies and approaches that will empower all stakehoiders, enabling progression and an improvement in outcomes. Although we can't guarantee success within the current educational setting, we can assure that our intervention will allow for gathering evidence against specific areas of need, providing the evidence required for positive future outcomes.


Funding and Education Health and Care plans


With ever reducing budgets for both schools and Local Authorities, it is increasingly important to provide accurate information and assessment data. Evidence no longer has to indicate the need of the child, yet provide the justification for any uplift in spending.


We work with the school's SENCo in developing reporting systems that are aligned not only with the needs of the child, yet with the SEND code of practice and the statutory obligations of stakeholders. In this approach, schools are better placed to realise the funding and support required to provide an equitable education for every child.


Developing the whole school approach


As with all organisations there are always staff whom struggle with developing their viewpoint or adopting new ways of working. Young people with Special Educational Needs can provide some teachers with challenges that they are either ill equipped or unwilling to meet. A culture can exist of resistance to effectively supporting the personal and academic needs of some individuals. Shifting this change in attitude can be difficult, possibly acting as a barrier to embedding a particular school ethos or value.


As the critical friend to the Senior Leadership Team, we provide workshops that support the definition of the whole school approach and how to build a set of values that are upheld by staff and students alike. Depending on your initial brief, we will tailor our services to provide meaningful change with key individuals and departments, enabling whole school development and supporting strategic objectives.