parental support

Legal Services and advocacy There are a number of solicitors and advocate services whom offer a range of services in supporting young people obtain the support and provision to which they are entitled. Fees can be high and for some people this level of support is out of their financial reach. IPSEA is a charity that offers free and independent legal advice and support to help get the right education for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

what we do

As a parent of a child with Special Educational Needs you are likely to have faced challenges or are facing challenges in getting appropriate educational provision in place. Despite the introduction of the Children and Families Act, 2014 and the SEND code of practice, 2015, there continues to be an increasing number of tribunal cases, (National Statistics, 2016), where parents challenge the educational provision recommended by their Local Authority (LA). Behind the tribunal process there is an emotional journey for the parents and the child. Educational Need will have been identified as not being met, an adapted timetable may be in place or school placements may have broken down. Your child may still be at their existing school, with the school doing all they can to provide the support required, or at home, compounding the disconnection with the education process. Finding the right school is not always an easy process, and when you have found the right school, there can continue to be challenges in getting the school named in the Education Health and Care plan (EHCp). For even the most able parent, navigating the process of having an appropriate EHCp put in place, often presents a number of challenges. We support parents in the process of preparing information and making representation to their Local Authority. We do not advocate for parents, we support them. We are not solicitors. We have a very good understanding of the legal framework and how to work pro-actively with LAs in ensuring the most appropriate provision is put in place for the child.
Our support is based around one or two consultations of around 1 1/2hrs. Our aim is to empower you in the process, as such we will discuss the needs of the child, the challenges in accessing education, proposals from the Local Authority and the barriers to your preferred school being named. We will make recommendations as to your next steps and how best to approach the process. The second consultation will only be needed if there continues to be a resistance to naming your preferred school. In this meeting we will discuss the use of evidence and research in order to provide the Local Authority with the information they require to agree provision. We are not solicitors and we do not advocate on your behalf.